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The Travel to Leicester web site is a good place to market your business and products to Leicester and Leicestershire.

Because of our expertise in search engine optimisation, our web sites often come in the top 10 results for widely used search terms for the Leicester/shire area.

Try it and see! Try "trains to Leicester", "hotels in leicester", "leicester bars" or "restaurants in Leicester" and "bars and pubs in Leicester"

Once people arrive at our pages, the first thing they see at the top of the page is an advertising banner. The might also find links to web sites as they browse through the content. Our sites are rich in content and keywords that come up in search engines, such as Google.

The Travel to Leicester group of web sites offers a platform for marketing businesses and products on the web.

Effective web marketing services

Banner advertising for Leicester is only one of our range of marketing services. In order to get quick results, we can build a page for your business. This will get your message into the search engines far more quickly than a new domain name and new web site.

This is an ideal way to boost visitors to your pub, bar, hotel or restaurant. Even if you have an existing web site, a page on Travel to Leicester will increase traffic to it.

If you do not have a web site, a page on this website gives you instant traffic. The more links you can get into your web site, the higher it will come in the results of searches.

Rent a web page

If need to get your content on to the web for a limited period of time, then a page on one of our websites is a very cost-effective way of doing this.

Web pages can be run up and linked to our busy busy sites in only one day. This is an ideal solution for time-limited campaigns, such as conferences, shows, exhibitions, market testing for new products - anything that is time limited.

Prices include content updates.

Order web advertising now and get discount rates

We offer convenient monthly terms which include regular updates to your page and full search engine optimisation.

Place your order for online advertising - call us now on 07970 680 987

Find out more

We offer you a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities:

  • Banner adverts
  • Display ads in listings
  • Feature articles
  • Web pages

Advertise and promote your hotel, event, restaurant, bar, concert, taxi firm, shop or business.

Many of our listings are free of charge.

You can buy listing enhancements for a minimum of 4 weeks or for any period up to 12 months. The longer you book an enhancement, the more discount we give. Pay by invoice or standing order.

Having a link to your web site from Travel to Leicester sites will help your PR (page ranking) in major search engines.

Advertise both on this web site and on others in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Midlands region. Focus your message to a self-selecting audience.

Contact us for rates and marketing services: call us now on 07970 680 987

It's simple, quick and effective.

Advertising and promotion on travel to Leicester

The price of advertising depends on

  • The page your advert is on - home pages and 1st, 2nd and 3rd most visited pages attract a premium rate
  • The more pages your ad is on, the more discount we give
  • The duration of the advertising - the longer the period, the more discount you get
  • The type of advert you choose - whole page, banner ad, box ad, text links


There are three classes of page for you to advertise one

  • Main channel pages - these are most frequently visited pages after the home page
  • Subject specific pages - these give you a more focused audience
  • The Home Page - this receives the highest rate of page views - advertising space here is very limited.


Our rates card shows that the longer you place your advert for the cheaper is the monthly rate. You can book periods of three months, through to a year for major sites.

Number of adverts

We can place your advert on a number of pages - the more pages you insert on, the more views you will get.

Type of advert

We offer a variety of types of advert

  • top of page banner ads
  • side of page column ads
  • enhanced listings - like display ads - in the body of the page

See some examples of the different types of advertising available on this site.

Contact us and we will send you our current rates card. But call us for current discounts. We often have offers that are not shown on the rates card.

Your advert gets targeted exposure.

If you want to know how many hits this web site gets per month, contact us and we can give you full statistics.

Call us now on 07970 680 987 for our advertising rates card


This web site does well in search engines.

In January 2007 this web site received 14,789 visitors.

Between January and December 2006, this web achieved a monthly average of 11, 264 unique visitors per month.

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